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Getting into Juicing

So, I’ve been working at this new healthy diet. I suppose diet isn’t necessarily the right word, as it’s been an effort to get rid of the last of the processed sugars, bleached flours, and other processed nastiness off our … Continue reading

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Preparing to move homesteads

So, it seems strange to me. We’ve been planning to uproot the family from Phoenix and move to the Seattle area for two years now. All the research has been done, the locations scouted, jobs lined up, and every other … Continue reading

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How to make a TARDIS (Dr. Who) out of a refrigerator box!

Everyone in my family is obsessed with Dr. Who. It’s all my fault and I take full credit for it. My boy, Jensen, decided to go as the Eleventh Doctor. My daughter decided she wanted to be a Weeping Angel. … Continue reading

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Dam Beavers! Or how I learned to love the flooding….

So, I have mentioned I have a problem with beavers, I also have a problem with flooding. These both present some significant issues to the long term use of the land, in particular, the 8 acre portion between the rail … Continue reading

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General update

The blog has been quiet lately. Between getting back to Phoenix, getting kids and wife into school schedules, my work and travel schedule, and all the other day to day things we’ve gotten way behind on posting about our projects. … Continue reading

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Buying the farm?! And the attack of the nettles….

In some ways it’s ironic. We’ve been sitting here a midst all sorts of small farms for the past month, and here we’ve written nothing about our own adventures in homesteading. Blame it on the raw milk, which we can … Continue reading

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Stopping to smell the flowers

I’m all excited right now because my long awaited Gladiolus are starting to bloom. I really like these flowers because even before they bloom there’s lots of pretty green growth. These ones were inexpensive ones I found and placed around … Continue reading

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Technology overload

So, it appears that I’m terrible at taking my own advice. Does this suprise you? It shouldn’t.   Right now I’m sitting in an airport getting ready to fly out on a business trip for the week. I loathe business … Continue reading

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Garden Irrigation – Integrating Soaker Hoses

After we finished the front yard gardens I just wasn’t happy with the way that the water was delivered to the plants. I tried a number of different spray heads on my irrigation system as well as flood heads, but … Continue reading

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Pardon our dust!

We’re in the process of changing our blog over from blogger to WordPress. There may be some residual construction debris laying about this weekend! If any of the pages don’t work, images don’t load, etc. Please let us know!

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