Dehydrating Frozen Broccoli

Here’s another great frozen vegetable to dehydrate. We use this all the time in soups and stews.

Here I have 5 packages of frozen broccoli. We pick them up when they’re on sale during the winter months.


Depending on the brand the pieces are sometimes too large to go directly into the dehydrator. Those pieces we chop down until they are small enough.


Here is the broccoli laid out on the dehydrator. The pieces are of a good enough size that you don’t have to worry about them falling through.


Set the dehydrator to 115 and let them go. A longer, lower temperature dehydrate will retain more nutrients than a hotter run. This is particularly important for foods that have already been modified in some way (e.g. frozen).


Frozen broccoli doesn’t tend to have as strong an odor during dehydration as fresh broccoli does. It still can be a little on the smelly side, so we run the dehydrator outside.

2013-04-22 06.42.58

Here’s the final result held temporarily in a zip lock baggie. You’ll note that the color of the broccoli has changed a bit from it’s normal green. There’s not much you can do about that when working with frozen broccoli. If it’s fresh you can blanch it for a few minutes to keep it nice and green.

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