When you make too much Light Syrup for fruit canning

So, I must admit that there are times when I get a little overexuberant when preparing Light Syrup for fruit canning. If you do this on a regular basis it can get quite wasteful.

Excess Light Syrup

For example, this morning I made 3 times as much syrup as I needed for the canned strawberry pints. So what to do with it?

Light Syrup

Grab a clean milk bottle, or similar item, and a funnel! Fill the container with the cooled syrup (boiling syrup + milk jug = big mess). It’ll then store well in the fridge for at least a week (actually longer, but don’t hold me to it). Then, when you find more fruit to put up (or more ripens in your garden) you’re syrup is already made! You just need to heat it back up!

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