Canning Mandarin Oranges

We love these “Cuties” Mandarin Oranges around our house. They went on sale at Sprouts so I decided to give canning them a go.

We started out with 10 lbs of cuties (2 5 lb packages)

And then we proceeded to peel and peel and peel and peel and peel. When you’re only peeling one or two of them to eat it seems like no big deal. When you’re peeling 10lbs of the things suddenly it’s a huge job. And this step is absolutely critical. The white part of the rind turns extremely bitter when you can or dehydrate citrus. So, this step is where you practice patience and get as much as you can off. It took us a good solid few hours to get this done (we sat in front of the TV so that it wasn’t completely mind numbing).

Here the mandarin oranges are dry packed in pint jars with about an 1″ of head space.

We made up syrup to our liking, I added some extra sugar just in case we didn’t quite get enough of the rind off. 10 cups of water to 4 cups of sugar. Bring it all to a boil

Ladle the syrup into the jars leaving 1/2″ of head space. Make sure to get all the air bubbles out. They then went into the water bath canner to be processed for 30 minutes + altitude adjustments.

Here is the end result! 13 Pints of canned Mandarin Oranges. We’ll let them sit n the syrup for a couple weeks before trying them. Until then we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that all that peeling time paid off!

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